Author Bio

Quori, also known as Mr. Q, is an award winning author, mentor, empowerment advocate, and orator. After battling colon cancer, he realized his true passion was in helping others succeed and become a champion in their own right! He launched “The W.Y.S.E. Experience”, which is an acronym meaning Water Your Seedz Everyday. It’s a program that focuses on enhancing one’s quality of life through mindfulness and consistency.

Quori believes that we all have seeds of greatness within us and he strongly believes that the highest human act is to inspire others through our actions. His book titled “Do What You’re Supposed to Do So You Can Do What You Wanna Do” has been dubbed “A Must Have” from individuals and companies alike and is approved for everyone from teenaged to beyond!

In addition to being an award-winning self-published author and mentor to the youth in his community and local schools, he currently serves as a contributing author for Bully Motivational Magazine. He also serves as the secretary of the PTA and he’s an on the advisory committee for the Norfolk Public Schools Advisory Board for Career and Technical Education (CTEAC). In his spare time he’s an assistant coach for his son’s basketball and soccer team.

His book and curriculum have been used as tools for educational purposes as well a success builder from the classroom to the boardroom.

Quori is currently working on his next book…

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